Heard a popping sound from my electronics, now my turn signals/horn don't work

Hi All,

In my 2001 E825 Cart, a heard a popping sound from the cart after giving it a wash.

My display on my cart still works, but my turn signals, horn, headlights, and wipers do not work.

Any idea what blew? Fuse? Etc?

fuses are under the rubber flap on the right side(as from sitting in driver seat) behind front hood.
If there’s no rubber flap then water will run off the windshield right down on all the electric fuse box.
If you hosed off the inside there’s a chance you got water on the 12V converter and since it’s a 2001, if the 12 converter( far right under the dash ) is a bare circuit board the popping sound could have been capacitors blowing.

Pics? Does it still move/run?

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I would imagine a capacitor blew. I think water got under the dash from the crack where you feet would be in the front of the cart.

The cart still works great, just no electronics (besides speedometer display that still works)


So close, yet so far …


What does the 12V converter look like on your GEM? Is it a bare circuit board with visible electronic compoents? Or is it an aluminum box with one smooth black side and a row of wires across the lower corner? Or is it a finned aluminum case with a somewhat rounded over shape?

Bare circuit board :frowning:

Do the VIN number lookup on the recall page and if it’s not been claimed, see if they shop in Vista(Cart Mart?) will do the recall.

Just reached out to Cart Mart! I had no idea there was a recall… that’s exactly what it is (likely).


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Did they look up your VIN for you and give you an answer about doing the recall?

We talked over the phone and I sent all my information his way.

He seemed to think that’s exactly what it was.

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