I am interested Samsung sdi batteries pack

No!!! - NOT the speedo wires.

You need to locate the old Temp Sensor wires. Normally R4F sends a little plug in jumper to do this. Did you not get one with your kit?

What do you think I have been trying to tell you to check?

I thought you had this all figured out before your battery install?
(after motor swap you were reporting 30MPH)

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Thanks I needed that! Everything is running great! It’s got some pep now! Thanks for all the help.

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I made this cover for the B- and it works great.


I have been driving for 2 weeks now and batteries and motor are working fine very strong. Now I am having trouble with the charger not charging. I plug it in and it shows zero amp to charge and after a minute the charger shuts off. Any suggestions?

Can you get a peek at the charger display panel itself?
It may be flashing a red light code. Count those blinks between the pauses and report back what you see.

What is the voltage on the pack?

On the status page, the very top line shows the status of your BMS Fet’s. Verify that All 3 should be ON. (Chg, Dis, and Bal)

So I plug it in and darn thing starting working correctly. Gremlins.

It has to be below a certain voltage for the charger to kick on… Depending on the profile. If you’re topping it off all the time, possible it just didn’t get low enough.

Error codes on the charger should give a solid clue

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