I am interested Samsung sdi batteries pack

Hello, I am interested Samsung sdi batteries pack. I have a 2006 E2. My AGM batteries are slowing down. I use it for traveling back and forth to golf course about 10 miles round trip. I have a new ride for fun 7hp motor I going to install and I want to install an electric heater. Will that pack handle these upgrade? In addition I need to reprogram my controller to increase my regen, right now my regen is very low and it doesn’t work going down the hill on the golf course. Do you sell the cable to reprogram the controller? If so, can send me the cost and directions to send the cash to you. Here is the info on my controller and DQ charger. Thanks.

Where are you located?

@Inwo is your man

Northern California an hour away from Oregon. In Humboldt county.

The D&D motor that R$F sells will turn higher RPM, so you will be able to get higher speeds, but you will also need to get an MM from @Inwo along with the T4 programming cable.

Don’t run high regen on lead batteries, wait until you get the lithium batteries installed. Lead will just dump it as heat, or if you have a compromised battery you could be in for some excitement… I had an AGM battery explode in my eM because I had it set for heavy regen when I took delivery, but hadn’t had time to build the Lithium pack yet.

Once you get the SDi installed, I can send you my T4 settings if you are into heavy regen on pedal lift. Above 15mph, I can just about one-foot drive the vehicle. Only need the brakes for the final stop.

Thanks, I do have MM ready to go, it came with the kit.

@Balone - Have you been following the Build threads?
Do you know what is involved?
Do you know what you are getting into?

Pay @Inwo
But Think this will be shipping from @ScottyD inventory.

Yes, I am a E/M designer by trade.

I can ship unless near enough to pick up from Scotty.
Shipper George has one with him. Let me see how far North he’s going this trip.

$2750 + $200 Fedex Cash methods only.

From a modifier view- Sometimes it is not the best plan to do more than one change at a time. If something is not quite right you don’t know what to blame.

Since you have the motor in hand now, go do that swap. See how it runs. Install the MM and take it for a run around the block again. Get used to how it works.

Then when your new SDI pack arrives- do that swap. Everything up front will be proven and tested so you don’t need to deal with all that.
Then buckle-up cowboy!!!

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Good sound advance. I will do just that.

George may be doing a drive by North.
Free shipping. (Meaning I pay him $300)
Let me know and I’ll find out for sure.

Charger is not programmable to AGM. It can be spoofed to charge my SDI-22 battery.
Per @Old_Houseboater , charging agm with wrong profile will kill them in 6 months.
Or not, I’m easily confused. :slight_smile:
Regen may be fine with less weight.

To set the record straight. If you don’t have an AGM setting you can use Flooded. You CAN NOT USE GEL SETTING. It will result in loss of half the capacity in 6 months time. Also applies to flooded lf charger set on GEL.



Got the ok from George to drop off battery should you decide.

I am a bet confused. Do I need to get a new charger for SDI-22 battery? or is my charger going to be able to handle the SDI-22 battery?

You do not. Your charger will work fine.

Translated to:
You will run your old charger for now. In the kit will be a “Tweaker” that should bump the charger up to a higher voltage to support the SDI pack without the need for reprogramming. Most of these installed are reporting good results. I had one that did not(but that charger has other issues). We’ll see how yours goes.

Since you have a charger that cannot be reprogrammed you otherwise would be looking for a new one.

I live in McKinleyville. I want to upgrade to lithium but would like to see how these work out


but would like to see how these work out.

I am a bit confused by this statement. Have you not been paying attention?

Many of these have gone out already and are working out quite nicely. It’s a really sweet package. I have asked Future Me to report back here in 10 years to report longevity data but he has not reported back yet.

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Hello, Update on upgrades. Just installed new RFF 7.5 motor and was super easy. I took for test ride and got up to 30mph on the old batteries. The batteries drained quickly. Went for a mile drive and the batteries were spent. I did notice that the new motor was running hot about a 105deg F is this normal? I am going to load test all of the batteries and check the wheels for resistant’s . I used and IR thermometer on the controller read about 56deg F and cables to the motor were a little warm but not like the motor. I will be getting new SDI-22

battery pack in on Friday.