How to NOT ship a Motor VS How to Ship a Motor

If you wanna ship a 50lb + hunk of Metal and Magnet you better make sure it’s well packed. You can rest assure it’s gonna have a rough journey

I opened up the cardboard box and this is what spilled out!!! NOT GOOD.

The seller was quick to send out a replacement motor and this is how it showed up :slight_smile:

Here is how the shipper decided to send the replacement motor!

It looks like it survived the Journey well. I packed up and put the damaged motor back in the same crate the replacement came in

My Only advice is that the speed sensor wires got a bit pinched cause the end of the crate was smashing them. A few blocks on the motor head side elevating the motor so the speed sensor was not smashed up against the wood, would have made it better but fingers crossed that it’s good to go!

Thanks Grandpa. I will ship the damaged motor back on Tuesday

I think the seller should be having a conversation with the shipper about damages and compensation.


He is going to. No matter what the packaging IT WAS DROPPED!


Rodney is a stand up guy / seller /grandpa stuff happens I have bought lost if stuff from him and he has always come threw

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Rodney your box did come in Handy

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This Mo Fo has done Flammable stuff innit

Haha, I would question any seller who ships like that!

Rodney made good and sent out a new replacement motor right away and paid for return shipping all is well.

shame, shame, shame… lol:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish I could report that the 2nd (replacement) motor showed up in good condition. The motor Rodney sent to replace the busted motor in top of this thread showed up In pieces.

I sent the broken motor back and Rodney paid me back the $500 for the motor. I ended up eating the $100 in shipping. So all in all it cost me $100 to play with Rodney and get no motor.
He said he was gonna send me the $100 for the shipping but that never happend. O well stuff happens right?

What the hell - two motors two shipping failures. Are they using penguin air ???

We used and were both Abused by FED-Ex
I understand Rodney’s frustration. Rodney claimed they motor was shipped properly and what happend is that they abused it and then Re packed the motor in properly and then shipped it.

What showed up at my door was a motor in a Cardboard box. No packing no nothing. The 50+ pound motor was rolling around like a bowling ball in a cardboard box. When I picked up the box I could tell the motor was in pieces. I was so pissed. I just said F it’ I ended up coming across a car with a vented 7hp and just said the hell with it and the D&D motors. I would still like to “test a 7.5Hp motor with my lithium gem, but I’m not doing the motor fiasco again

My brother has had FedEX abuse his packages too and refused to use them any more. Not an isolated thing regarding FedEX.


I returned your $100 va PayPal Sept 26/27 2017 per my records. I don’t short anybody



Sorry but your mistaken. I never got payed the $100 for shipping. (And that’s fine) Remember we had a few back and forth’s with shipping, I’m sure your getting one of the shipments mixed up. I’m not mad And I don’t think you shorted me. I understand you didn’t make any money shipping the motors back and forth. The way I saw it was we both took a hair cut on this deal.

Anyone figure out the right recipe for shipping motor’s across the country? I want to send my R4F motor to @Old_Houseboater to get serviced. Sounds like it’s more an issue of using the right shipper vs. packaging?

yes, @grantwest gave me the idea and it works great.

  1. Get box
  2. Get two cans of expanding spray foam at the hardware store
  3. Get a large plastic trash bag
  4. Get two 2x4’s that you can lay in the bottom of the box

Put the 2x4’s spaced out on the bottom of the box, then wrap the motor in the plastic bag and tape shut. Use one can of spray foam and cover the bottom of the box and 2x4’s, while the foam is expanding drop the motor in on top of the 2x4’s. Now use the rest of that can of foam to fill in the ends and sides between the box and the motor.
Let set -
When you come back the motor will be all tucked in nicely. Now take the second can and fill in any open areas and cover the top of the motor. Close and tape the box shut. The motor will be encased in a foam pillow for the ride to anywhere in the country.
Dave and I have been using the method for a while and it works great!!!


Need the recipe for another problem, shipping. I got the motor all pillowed up with foam in a box. Got a quote from the local postnet and they said the cheapest was UPS ground for $250! Anyone have any shipping tricks or a commercial shipping account they’d let me use? I can venmo/paypal you back.

$500 in shipping and repair, i’d be better off just buying a new one.