R4F Motor rebuild?

Hi I’m new to the forum. I have a 2001 e825 4 seater that I recently replaced the R4F motor with a new R4F motor because the old one kicked it. I have no experience rebuilding motors so wanted to see if there is anyone here that rebuilds them or knows of a place in San Diego to send it out to. Figure if it doesn’t cost too much it’s handy to keep a spare in case the new one burns out.

Your description of “Kicked It” leaves a bit of vagueness as to what actually went wrong with the motor that you felt it needing replaced.

Any other clues?
Did it smoke?
Unusual noises?
Came out one day and it just didn’t go?
Any codes on your PID (dash display)?

Can you post some pics?
Normally, motors would go to Ol’ Houseboater (the motor master) for repair, but since he is in Fl it may not be worth sending all the way across the country.

I went to drive one day and started up a hill, saw a puff of smoke as the motor stopped working. No error codes ever. Got it home and couldn’t figure it out and figured I’d start with the controller.

Spoke to R4F and they thought it was the controller so sent it in to be rebuilt.

The controller came back and I installed it but the motor still didn’t work.

A buddy lent me his motor and I installed it and the car worked again so I ordered a new R4F motor and installed it.

The buddy thought there might be a short in the motor and there was some corrosion but I haven’t opened it up to do any investigation.

If it’s pricey I’m inclined to just junk it but if I can get it running again I can have a backup or sell it

does the “SD” in your handle stand for South Dakota or San Diego?

That’s not how to properly fix an 01 gaddammit…

@Old_Houseboater but he’s not in SD he’s in SoFlo , expect around 120$ shipping each way.

San Diego, German for whales vagina

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