2015 gem drive motor

So my worst fears were realized I did all this work on the motor still couldn’t get any speed out of it took the motor apart the armatures completely burnt not even rebuildable. Took it down to my friend he can’t do anything with it he owns a motor shop. 1200 bucks for a new one. Does anybody know any good sources for remans or used?

Well that is a bummer! What motor was it? (you never did say)
Depending on how you answer, some of the parts may be used to repair other motors.

What is the car you are putting it in? (Answers will be different if you have an e2 vs an e6.)
What is your intent with this car?
Where are you located? (Shipping these things is not exactly cheap or trivial)

Also- In your first post you mentioned that you have several gems. Why not just go pull one out of the other cars for now? Give it the once over before installing it in your 2015 and you will have a working car while you search for a deal on a local motor.

I’ll have to take a look at the picture because I sent the motor to the motor shop let me get back to you on that I’m located in Northeast Pennsylvania it is an e6 and generally I sell these cars