E825 Charger and Motor for sale

I did a RFF motor/charger conversion and now have a good motor and charger from my 2001 E825 I don’t need.
Armature cleaned and brushes inspected in the last 5 miles. Also the original Zivan charger in good working condition.
Would like to sell as a package but will separate.
Charger $150
Motor $150
Package $125 ea. X 2 = $250 You pay shipping from 77379

It might help if you listed what motor you are actually selling,
not what motor you put in the car.

Thanks for the observation. I have edited to make it more clear what is for sale.

Can you tell me what shipping will cost me to 37069. I will be interested in buying this as a package. Regards Raju

I guesstimated weight and dimensions. 2 packages since I don’t think it is wise to put the charger in the same box as the motor. FedEx website says $76.91 for home delivery.

If you still have it I will be interested in getting it from you

OK, you can message me to discuss payment and shipping.

I PM’d you. Let me know if you are still interested.