Blue 7.5 hp like new


This motor is in Like New condition. $500 plus shipping.

I think I would rather have a sharpie signature. Those stickers could be bootlegged.

I am not sure that is the way I would have phrased it in today messed up world… lol




Got your attention. :grin:

I’m interested I see you in Florida also fort Myers area here.

That motor is sold. I will have a 2016 unit ready next week. Equal condition.

Need on for an 03 if you ever have one

Looking for a motor for my 13’ E6. What do you have?

Will have 7.5 AMD fan motor in a couple of weeks. been too busy to finish it $500 complete rebuild including motor coupling brushes bearing.

Any idea on shipping cost to 91103? I have one of those that died on me.

$170 12x12x14 PKG 72 # $600 insurance

Following back to see if it is ready. Unless you have a higher RPM/ Torque option?

Will be ready and tested by Monday

Email me