How to bypass fc converter 99 gem e825

I just bought this gem I ve got the batteries up to full charge the dc converter booard is the old open one with out removable fuse s it has damage I can upload photos if needed I would like to bypass the dc board so I can drive the car and make sure it’s running correctly befor I replace the dc converter

I’ve come to the conclusion my controller is messed up can any one tell me how to test it

I’ve got the controller apart im in the processes of repairing it my self I’ve never seen the cart run i need to know how to check the wires at the controller for proper voltages so I don’t ruin this or a new if I can’t fix this one …HELP

Down load the schematic. You will have to blow it up to read it. The DC/DC converter is more than just a voltage reducer. Some cart functions are intigrated into it.

It CAN be done but you need to know what our doing. Pricy component too.

Thanks Ive found the complete list of wire locations on the manufacture site with some voltage information and was able to fix a couple of burns on the controller card but in the end with every thing for the dc converter bypassed and 75 volts at the controller it is still throwing a -15 code which is battery voltage two low so it’s on to another controller I go also have a dc converter on the way but imma have wire it up my self so the next step is finding out where the wires from the old dc bord plug into the new dc converter its coming to get her if any one needs info on how to by pass all safety on there controller to turn it on let me know …I would say some experience with wireing is required