How much did you pay for your GEM new or second hand

I thought it might be interesting to see how much people paid for their GEM and whether they were brand new or second hand. Might give us an interesting idea of price depreciation.

hi from across the pond… in 2011 I bought a used 2005 eS (truckette)… the seller who was in California… wanted $2500 for the car with dead Batteries… I wanted the car running we settled on the price of $3000… freight to Colorado was $500… feel I got a deal


Purchased from original owner January 2015: 2008 limited production 10 year anniversary Special Edition e2 model. Deep blue metallic only found on this model, Loaded with factory options (lots of bling) . Am/Fm/Cd ceiling radio, Cabin courtesy light, 12 volt I.B. plug, Front of car has chrome head light/ turn signal décor rings, Chrome ft/Rr bumpers, Adjustable steering column, High/low beam head lights, Leather monogramed seats, Emergency flashers, Windshield washer, Ft/Rr mud flaps, rear window, 7 hp factory motor, Rear storage basket, and rear Golf bag holder option. Several Chrome emblems on car denote “Special Edition” 7 HP ,

Owner included his 2008 purchase bill of sale (16K) and invoices for items done within the previous 90 days. Such as new 15" tires, factory Mag rims, New Gel batteries, dealer repair of transmission oil leak ($700). He also included and local Gem dealer yearly inspection repair invoices for the previous 7 years .

The car was garaged in central FL in a home in “The Villages”. It was his wife’s car. It was in pristine condition. He claimed that it had never been out in the rain. It had 3,700 miles on it. He had just sold his Gem car… A twin of his wife’s car. His wife was very ill. He believe that he might have been ill also.

I did not even dicker his asking price. When I made my FP offer, he threw in the Golf bag option for free ($1,400) thanking me for not trying to trying to beat him down. I had been looking for this special anniversary model for over a year. Only built in 2008 with low production numbers. I have had it for almost a year and added 3K miles to it with not a single problem from it.

I get a crowd wereever I go with it. We have 4 other Gem cars in my complex, all the others are base run of the mill models. We all get a crowd from the newly arriving snow turds. But the crowd leaves the others when I drive up…“WOW, What is that, What did it cost?”… from mostly New Yorkers…

I paid 5K. Sorry… ]Too much information…? I’m as happy as a sissy at the WMCA with my new to me toy.

I don’t think you paid too much… as long as you got what you were looking for and you are happy… it sounds like a sweet car…