High Beams Functional?

Did the factory cart have low / high beams? I cannot tell any difference, but have not done any testing.

The Ford Think Neighbor does not have high beams. It seems the multi-function switch does have a high-beam position, but it is not supported. The multi-function switch does provide for flashing the low beams if the lights are not on, but the wiring from the switch to the headlight bulb does not exist, and the bulbs are the single filament version.


Thanks Scott! I am guessing there was a reason to only use a single, low watt filament on a street legal NEV, but…I wonder if running a 60/90 w option would just destroy the run time.

You can look up my phone number and give me a call.

I did the LED headlight thing and they’re much brighter, night and day (haha) from even a new bulb I swapped in. I can’t imagine needing high beams in any neighborhood I’m likely to drive it, plus you’d have to mess around with the wiring a fair bit to have separate high beams, would invest effort elsewhere.

If I want to keep the factory lights as is and add the LED spot fogs, can I just tap the hot wire to each headlight or will that be too much current for the circuit?

The other option would be to find a switched 12v and add a switch and a relay, but that would require I get a wiring diagram :laughing:

I expect this would work - the fuse with the headlights is something like 20A, which is pretty hefty and the LED’s don’t draw very much power. I’d say test before installing and see if it pops the fuse with everything on. The LED’s have “angel eye” rings in them as well that can be separately wired, so this for me took care of the daytime running light / fog light thing, with the center headlight operating separately off the headlight switch.