Ford Think rear blinker issue

my ford think nev is acting funny after a bit of work i did on it, replaced multifunction switch and relay, etc.
However, when i use the turn signal the rear brake lights blink instead of the rear signal (orange) lights, everything else is ok.

Any thoughts, let me know,



I see this was written 6 weeks ago but see no replies.

I just tore into my multi-function switch with a “flasher”, not a relay… and pulled it all apart. It was very corroded inside which seemed odd for 300 miles and in the CA desert. Anyway, there are a few pieces that pop out but I was able to figure out what went where and with the help of manuals I downloaded from Ebay for $10 bucks, was able to trouble shoot and repair everything.

One oddity I found was there was never any current flowing to the headlights because there was no contact in the wand switch to do so. So I jumpered it with the rear running lights and whaa-la! I also found a crushed terminal inside the connector on the right headlight and repaired that easily.

Alas, I’m wondering NOW if that Multi-switch was not original… although appears the same. There was just no way the headlights would work with the way it was configured.

You said you replaced yours… and I wonder if there are different varieties. Mine is said to also work on a full size Ford Escort auto!

Anyway… maybe we can share our experiences and get yours fixed.


Papa Tony

One thing I have noticed. I have owned my Think since new in 2002 and placed the controller several times. The latest controller turned over to 0000.0 every time it hits 1000 miles. You may have same issue and that is why it only shows 300 miles.

I know this is a 2 year old post but i figure id give it a shot.

Does anyone have an exploded view for the assembly of the multifunction switch?

I’ve ordered a new one but I’m trying to figure out how to get this thing back together. Lol.

Hey Tony, i have the same issue as you. However if i pull the wand (flash to pass function) my headlights come on.

I got it back together but still does the same thing with the headlights not working. The tail lights come on and the flash to pass works but no function on the headlight switch.

One of my headlights is burned out…wonder if they are in series…

Hey Eave…

I have a 2003 version and my headlights didn’t work at all. All other lights worked though.

Like you, I tore into the switch with a volt-ohm-meter and found there was not any voltage going to the headlights… And if this was the original switch, then there NEVER was any!

I ended up reassembling the switch (with some difficulty) and took the lead going to the headlights and placed it on the same terminal as the rear running lights.

Worked perfectly! No fuses blowing or nuttin’…

I dunno if the switch was changed out and a similar one from some other Ford product was used… but there was NO way that the headlights received any power with this switch.

Sounds like you may have the same issue.

THe quick and easy way is to located the lead going to the rear lights and verify power on and off… and then wire the headlight lead in parallel with it.

(Oh, BTW the headlights are not in series…)

If you need further details I can break open my notes in the shop… Just drop me a line.



Sorry, I didn’t see this comment earlier.

My lamps have only one element, in other words, no hi of lo beams, just on or off.

After I rewired mie to work as I described, the flash feature does nothing. I never tried it BEFORE I rewired the switch so I dunno if it would have done the same as yours.


Thanks Tony! That helps. Seems as though your issue is slightly different than mine. Im going to do more troubleshooting today.

Hey Tony, btw thank you for replying. Anyways i tore into my switch again and it looks like either the wire that goes in to the twist knob to turn the head lights on or a contact inside the shaft is bad.

I rang out the 4 wires that go in to the shaft (red, black, yellow, yellow/green) turns out only 2 wires had continuity when i turned on the switch. I assume first position is for parking lights and second is for headlights.

Does anyone have a schematic for the internals to the mfs?


I can’t believe how lucky you are to have found ME!

I have attempted to ATTACH two drawings that I made notes on and if you squint they should be self explanatory.

I believe all I did was take the headlight leads to the headlights on pins 3 and 1 and tied them or jumpered them to terminal 7 which sends 12 volts to the two rear tail lamps and the license plate light.

Of course… this was after hours of trying figure out what the problem was and I found there apparently was never a “resource” of sorts to supply power to terminals 3 (Headlights) and 1 (Flash to-Pass). I finally took a chance and just used the output power off terminal 7 to power all the lights. No problem whatsoever.

No Flash To-Pass feature and No Parking light feature as the Amber Turn Signals are on a separate circuit altogether which is shown on the second scan and the bulbs only have a single element as well.
(Who the hell are ya gonna ever pass anyway? HA!)

I have a complete 120+ page manual that I downloaded for about 10 bucks off some site… I think on Ebay, but if you wanna give me your personal email I’ll attempt to forward you a copy.

You also can feel free to give me a call between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm PDT and I’d be happy to talk with ya. If I don’t pick up, leave a number and a good date and time to call you back.




p.s. Note that I scribbled a title on the first scan and it says or means “Malfunction Switch”. Glancing at it now my first impression was that I wrote “Malfunction Switch”…

A Freudian Slip of the tongue I guess… but much more accurate!

Thanks again. Ill call you in a bit. Ive got the 5 section service manual where your diagram came from but im interested in the wand part. Specifically what the output wires do…the yellow and Yellow/green. They didnt give me continuity when i moved the switch to either position.

Tony’ it was great speaking with you! As a follow up I think im going to do the jumper modification to the tail lights you spoke of.

Also, here is the link to the converter that I found on sale for 160 with the connector and pins. Note the enable pin needs to be tied to the +72 volt terminal.

Great talking to you as well!

Hopefully my suggestions care for your problem and thank you for the link for parts. Always good to know.

Best regards,


So Eric…

What happened?

Was it repaired to your satisfaction?


Yes, and thank you but a few days after driving around the leakage light came back on and then went off again. So who knows.

Also, the Thing Shop sent me a shipment notification for a new multifunctipn switch! They said they were out of stock and like a week later! BINGO! They had them for 150 instead of the 200 or 250 I was used to seeing.

Got the lights working like you suggested though.

Hey Eric…

That’ll be interesting to hear how the NEW multi-function switch compares to the existing one.

So now, without your labor charges, she is gonna want $5150 for the cart?


If its in good shape with new batteries, and a 4-seater, it would be a good price. I see folks have a difficult time selling them and they are sort of the REAL orphans of the cart world.

Mine is admired by everyone that sees it!

Inline image

Inline image

Inline image

Inline image

I paid $3900 for this one and 6 months later I installed 6 new Napa Deep Cycle Marine batteries and a set of new tires. So I have about $5500 in it overall. Oh…not seen, it also has a roof mounted factory swamp cooler, storage cover and full plastic/fabric enclosure but it never rains in California…

Love it!

Wishing you continued success,