Help with 2022 Gem problem

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Probably just need help with GEM. Have a 2022 E4 and while driving yesterday hit essentially a large pothole. Heard click parking brake light started flashing and lost power. Then display went out and it was dead. Waited a few minutes and it appeared to work but then same thing happened. After 3 hours of waiting for tow truck I decided to try getting home. Three times on the way back I would hear a click and lose power only to hear another click and power restored. Usually after a bump. Thanks

Check all battery connections. All cables tight?
Follow all the way up to the controller.

Put drive wheels up in the air and meter test leads on the controller. Monitor power as you run it in place. It might show a big V drop when running. If so, move the test points around until you don’t see it. Also feel for a warm connection.

If it dies, even better. Move test leads around until you find your B+.

Thanks. At house in FL so limited access to tools. Will inspect battery connections and follow connections The loss in power occurred when the front wheels hit a bump. Now after reading wondering if I may have a fault in the service disconnect although a couple of times the display was still on with no power.

Keep a keen eye for signs of previous hot spots.
Melted/cooked boots and covers. Discolored connectors, etc.

Where in Florida are you located?

The “click” you hear is the solenoid? (Same click as when you start the car)

When you say “dead” it means no dashboard lights or just that the car doesn’t move?

assuming that you already checked for a loose connection, have you checked under the cluster connection under the dash?

Anna Maria Island. When it goes no lights or display. Totally dead. When it initially happened, hitting about a 3 inch deep trench, had display for a few seconds without power to drive. After that everything was dead. About 30 minutes later it worked fine for about 100 yards. After I gave up on the tow was able to make it back but almost every bump cause a click with no drive for a couple of seconds. Startup cycle appears okay now but wife doesn’t trust it. I’ll take it out on the street tomorrow and try to find some bumps close to house

I also wanted to thank Inwo for helping me posting this.

Do you have a bunch of stuff on your key chain? seems like the key switch is turning off. Doesn’t the display and accessories stay on for a couple of seconds after being turned off? Not at my car to look.

Sounds like a short somewhere in the system.

2022… Probably still under warranty… I’d lug it off to the dealer and let them deal with it

Tbh, we can start Chasing the problem but this is the most clever advice

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"I was just driving along and it just stopped? :person_shrugging:

Yes. It did go dead after a bump. Will call the dealership tomorrow when they open but was thinking if it was an obvious simple thing it may avoid some hassle. In this area AAA is limiting tows to less than 10 miles and the selling dealership is 36 miles away. There’s a closer dealership that I may try.

Look at the 12v circuit.