New Gem owner needs help

I just purchased a 2002 Gem Car E825.
Was told it ran when parked. Owner removed batteries.
When I got it and installed batteries and turned on the power and key, I got a flash of numbers on the display and then nothing.
No power to wheels
All accessories work
I am new to this and have been troubleshooting this for 2weeks
No clunk of the contractor
When powered up I have 74 to 75 on both sides of the contractor
No BDI display lights
If I remove and jump the grey/white and white wires on the relay, the contractor closes and I have power to the wheels but no display. Also when the parking brake is pulled while relay is jumped, the contactor opens

What am I missing
Thank you
Scott Maley

welcome to the forum. There was just another guy on here with a similar situation, ie no display, no clunking of the contactor and 12V accessories working.

Search for it and read through it. IIRC his problem ended up being one of the small relays( there might be 2 of them ) which provided power to the key circuit so the controller was willing to turn on.

Thank you Doug
It was the relay for the controller and contractor

Scott Maley

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