Display want light up

Continuing the discussion from 2001 Gem e825 persistently does nothing:

Hallo i have a problem on my GME E 825 the display want not light up and will not drive
The battery all new and I
have 74 volt on the top and Boden to the controller the main relay have also 74 V on the fuse it’s not clicking wen I turn the key i hope of helping thanks

First test-

  1. Main Batt Switch OFF to disconnect power.
  2. Wait 60 seconds.
  3. Main Batt Switch ON and observe Dash display. It should light up with a couple of numbers for 10 -15 seconds then go out.

Confirm - Yes/No?

Yes cod 5 in the display for 3 Sekunden than display shot off

That’s probably fine. Ignore that for now.
But the display went dark?

Next Q- Is this a new car to you?
Do you know when the last time is was running?

Yes 1 or 2 days ago after replacing the battery

Lets see if we can ramp this up and shotgun a few Q’s in a row.

Have you done anything else during this battery swap? Specifically related to the charger?

Which charger is in this car?

Do you know if this car has the DC Converter/Wiring upgrade?

No I have no information of this

It looks like you have an old Schott charger
Yes- You have the wiring update
And a T1 Controller.

See this thing? This is your ACC Relay/Timer.
Look for 12v on the Org/Gray wire. (Confirm → Y/N?)
(Reference Frame Gnd)
If Yes-
You should also find 12v on the Green wire when you switch the KeyON (Confirm → Y/N?)
(Reference Frame Gnd)

Also - post one more pic of the same area including the item to the right next to the one I posted

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Also - Check this wire. (red arrow on left)
It looks like the Key Wire Return.
Make sure it is pushed together better than it is.

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Ok the first wire have 12 v green wire have noting also the return wire is nothing

I hope the pictures a helpful and thanks for the help

You need to be more clear as to what wire you are testing.
I can guess, but if I guess wrong then we will just be going in circles.

To be More specific-
Green wire indicated in my first pic will be 0v when KeyOFF, and show 12v When KeyON.
(Confirm Y/N?)

Ok sorry also the org/grey have 12v the green have 0v Key of or on