2001 Gem e825 persistently does nothing

Hello all!

New member here with a 01 e825 that refuses to run despite throwing a small fortune at the thing.

Six new interstate gel batteries.
Brand new 2nd gen controller from Just-For-Fun with retro wiring kit.
Brand new charger from Just-For-Fun.

Turning the key on does absolutely nothing.

Turning the main switch on nets me “0000” being displayed and a light on under the hourglass for a grand total of about 2 seconds… followed by nothing. This is the only time that the display shows anything at all.

Batteries charge. Headlights come on. Brake lights come on. Turn signals blink. Horn blows. That’s it. No other clicks, whirrs, or indications of life when turning the key except for a buzzer that annoyingly buzzes when the key is ON that I located underneath the dash and disconnected to prevent me from losing my mind from the noise.

I am beyond wanting to drive it; honestly if I can get it running I will probably just sell it and be done with it. But nobody else will want it unless it moves. So it just sits under an auto-cocoon in the shop, waiting for some resolution.

Please and thank you… Can someone tell me how we can get to the bottom of this and fix this thing? I have a meter and I know how to use it…

Cheers and thanks in advance :grin:

Trouble shoot it based on the wiring diagram. It’s doable with the diagrams in hand. I just posted the diagrams in the basketcase 02 gem thread describing a similar symptom.

Right, so I got my car driving as per @greengearhead 's instructions…

2902 gem car not getting the CLUNK

…my issues are still in need of a final resolution, but it is driving now so there’s that.

Thanks to all :grinning: !