Dash Blinks and Clicks then no power

I have a 2005 Gem. The dash started blinking and clicking from the fuse box area then absolutely no power. Lights and dash went off. First time. the next day everything worked. Then it did it again. Now, The dash sometimes blinks but only went a few feet before the power went out again. Any ideas?

Loose or corroded battery cable connection - 12+ connections to check - BRIGHT AND TIGHT !!!

Tighten every thing up. No success. Even though its a 2005 model, it only been in operations for 2 years. It was in storage for 8 years.
The dash lit up, but would flick and go out when the lights were turned on or windshield wipers turned on or hitting the brakes. Got the gem to run but hit the brakes and everything went out. Very strange.

did you clean the connections or just tighten them? Did you measure Next step get a can of contact cleaner and unplug and spray every connection you can find. Wiggle all the wires.

I thought it was funny that the Gem had no problems going 20mph but shut down/off when I hit the brakes.

check the parking break switch - and setting.