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Hi All!

I have a 2002 E825 4-seater, Delta Q Charger, Blue Motor, that can reach around 37mph (yes, you heard that right).

That being said, I run a rental business and do not need my renters flying around at 37mph. My initial thoughts were to keep the cart in Turf Mode at all times (limits it to around 25mph), but turns out that keeping the cart in turf mode for long durations of time and higher speeds than turf is intended will likely burn out the motor.

Any ideas how to govern the speed to 25mph without using the block of wood/bolt behind the pedal method? I believe the cart has a T2 controller but I do not have the means of reprogramming.

Thank you, All!

Ok, it’s been worked over for the better. That’s good.

'02-'04 typically have 10.35:1 gears, so that kind of speed is easy with a D&D/R$F motor, even with stock tires. That “blue” motor holds up well to being spun over nameplate.

'02 should be a T2, but if it’s an early 2002, it could have a T1. Either way, easy for someone with a cable and sentry software. If it’s an R$F co-branded motor (likley),
it came with included reprogramming of the controller once you send it to them. So, anyone with a programmer can change the “max overspeed” back down to 25-27. IIRC my 02 T2 was factory set to 27. Also should lower the turf max (forget what it’s called) and reset the field weakening. Those were all they changed on my controller anyway.

Somewhere here there is a chart of stock settings for a few of the years / models.

T1 might be a little bit more of a PITA ,if only because the T1 has more limited options for talking to it.

You can tell which controller you have by the last couple digits of the model number. T2 will end with, T2.,., etc,

I’d offer and tell you to cover 2-way shipping, and buy me a few beers and send the controller for de-tuning, but I’m still behind getting some stuff out to other people due to work schedules.

Lots of other people here have programmers though, Give it a few days, see if anyone steps up.

who ever told you keeping it in turf mode will burn out motor was wrong, it does not hurt motor. if speedo reads 37 you need to have it reprogrammed back down to 25 as JR mentions. If speedo reads half speed you can just change motor magnet back to an 8 pole.

I thought about several different methods but a block of wood was not one of them. This is great out of the box thinking!!!

If Turf mode works for you this would be a great (and immediate) way to hobble the speed for a rental cart. If you have a separate “turf” switch on your pod you could install a jumper across the back of the switch so it is in permanent turf mode. This method is easily (in house) reversible if you should ever need.

A little bit of creative wiring at the controller could also lock it in turf mode but It may also torture the future owner of this car and/or technician assigned to figure out why this car will not go any faster. I hate to butcher up wires on nice harnesses tho.

Depending on what was done to raise the speed it may be better to dial back programming to stock numbers. Top speed can be adjusted but also accel can be dialed back a bit to save batteries(range).

If you really wanted to go bonkers I suppose you might purchase a MM and adjust the flippy switches to make the limiter kick in sooner than normal. The speedo will read Higher than real, but your results may be unpredictable.

I may be heading down your way in the next couple of weeks so I may be coaxed into driving by and bring my programmer to get in and change some numbers.

Say Less! If you’re driving by the good ol’ Pacific Beach, I’d be more than happy to throw some $ bones your way and a pack of your favorite beer!

I will be in Carlsbad 2nd week of August if it can wait that long.

I will be in Carlsbad

Just can’t stay away from Legoland can ya?

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@Ahayes488 I made up a programmer cable and have been able to read from a T2 so I should also be able to help you out. I’ll program my 2002 GEM tomorrow and let you know how it goes.