2002 e825 going 35mph. Stock

The speedometer says 25 to 27 however I had two cars pace me and I’m doing 35. my Speedometer app on my iPhone said 35 as well.

I have the stock controller and motor there’s never been any modifications on this unit Except for a supercharger and a fresh set of Trojan 30 XHS

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That’s an incredible set of Trojans you have there! Mine did that with a reprogrammed controller and stock motor and same set of Trojans. Little better with blue motor only about 7-8 miles range though.
Now, lithium volt conversion is getting way better speed and range on stock motor and programming.
My vote goes to lithium even with the growing pains. Less weight, more power! What more do you need to know.

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Well, I really don’t want to go 35mph, I live in an NEV community and that would require an additional ordinance or I can get cited.

I also noticed my range is only 6-7 miles( contribute that mostly to new batteries that need breaking in).

I have the original controller it’s never been modified, and my speedometer reads 25-27.

I would rather go the 25–27 speed and get 20 miles out of it then go fast and get short distance

Did you change the tire size / ratio? Larger tires will throw the speedo off. Not sure you could put rims and tires big enough on these carts to get 9 mph difference, but 4 is possible.

A 2002 with no parts changed is a little hard to believe.
Are you looking to calibrate speedometer?
It’s a simple change in controller.
A slight possibility of magnet damage that could add 25% speed.

Out of curiosity, how fast is it in turf mode? Maybe just only flip it up to road when you need the extra speed.

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