Help it go faster!

In my experience push lightly doesn’t allow it to move much it doesn’t seem to move freely but I also assume I have to add resistance for the motor. How to check for batteries under load. I should also add that before I got it it wasn’t running when my father in law got it. He had bought 4 at the same time and this one didn’t run. This was back in 2013. And at least 3 years before he bought it it was not running. So should I Grease it up real good?

Hi INWO!:slightly_smiling_face: Really appreciate all the help you give all of us, thank you!
I’m can’t figure out how to contact you through PM so I’m hoping this is an ok place to contact you.
I have an '05 with RFF 7.5 motor and upgraded RFF charger with gel batteries in good shape for 5 year old batteries. I would like to purchase a MM from you to achieve greater speed, I’m at 25mph and governor kicks in. I have a CC or PayPal ready to purchase if you could find time in you busy schedule to help me out. I would really appreciate it!:grin: Matthew in Washington state. Thank you for your time.

Matthew, click on his name in the conversation and you should get a popup window where you’ll see a button on the right hand side which says “Message”. Click that and you should get into a messaging page where you can type and send the private message(PM).

I have searched this forum up and down and can’t find instructions anywhere on how to change my 2002 Gem from mph to kph. I have my new fancy MM installed but can’t find kph setting anywhere. I am really surprised this is not a common question.

I looked through the manual as well an no mention of this either.

Thank you.

The newer cars switch by holding the odometer button down.

Funny I found this thread…

I am looking to do quite the opposite. Apparently my cart’s governor was removed and goes 37mph. Since the cart is a rental, I would like to limit its speed to 25mph or around.

Any ideas on how I can go about that without keeping it in Turf Mode?


Not much to go on. Knowing what cart you have is a start.

@Ahayes488 - Tip - You may get a better response if you start a new thread with your request instead of tacking onto an old dead topic that is not really related no matter how inverted it may be.
As noted above, List a few more details on your car so we can taylor our response without guessing.

@jrjava - I said inverted


You got me good my friend. I looked up and down this thread for like 5 minutes trying to find where I might have posted something like that back when this thread was new.


Wasting your time was not the original intent,
but more to nip any potential direction that a mis-read keywords may take a thread.