Totally lost on this one

I have 2 2011 e2’s that I would really like to get more speed out of without breaking the bank, anyone have any ideas??

Easy peasy. First Magic Magnet removes the speed limit. $135.

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Step to= lighter weight, more voltage or both.
Add a 12v battery, or if batteries are fading replace with one of lg’s low cost mighty mites.

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Only drive downhill in neutral.

You’re welcome. No need to thank me, I’m here to help.

Who has those items ?
I wanna try both and see what I get out of them…

But first I have to get up the hill to go down it…
Story of my life…

Move to Santa Cruz. Mystery Spot, where shyt rolls uphill.

That happens here a lot,
Even the birds fly upside down…

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Magic magnet is $135 removes speed limit only.
Step one, get MM.

Ask @LithiumGods for small battery availability and price.
Our main product available for immediate shipping is 80v Samsung. 30 mile range est.
Sdi samsung 94ah display

Reggie, where are you located? we have high performance lithium bnatteries starting @1650. This and a mm is all you need.

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I’m in Colorado about 40 miles east of Denver in Bennett.

Anybody have a windshield for a 2011 e2 for sale?
Can pick up from Arizona or Colorado.