Magic magnet speed spoof

Raise speed limit from 10% to 100%
No magnet replacement
Plug and play

Speed reads 1/2 or xx% of actual.

First few are $50 delivered.

Please post your thoughts here…

Will this work with a 2011 e2.What speed would I get? Where does this plug in?:eek:

Works on anything.

Plugs into the 3 terminal plug at end of motor.

If you feel car surging and holding back, this will allow it to continue gaining speed.

My E4 and EL go 30 easily on level ground.

Much the same as the well known motor magnet mod, but electronic and reversible.

Works exactly as represented. 30 seconds to install and increased top speed on my 09 E2 to 30 MPH


Let me tell you how to adjust the speedometer set point. If you haven’t figured it out.

Thank you for testing. Been a good day at Mayo!!!

See a package from you one my desk. :slight_smile:

Working on size reduction and packaging.

Looking good

Device removes “speed limit”. Will not increase speed beyond limits of battery power.

If your car holds back at top speed, this is what you need.

A Gem in good working order is capable of 30mph.