Help charger problem

2002 gem e2 when i plug it with the extention cord the charger turns on and starts to beep beep like a transport backing up.light on the dash flashes yellow.i have no manuals i bought it doen’t look like its charging during the time its beeping.anybody have experience this problem?thanks!

The charger will not charge with an active error code. To avoid battery damage, charge each battery one at a time with a 12 volt automotive charger. This will take hours to complete. Your temperature thermistor is out of range or disconnected. Look around the two batteries under the hood for a small silver cylinder at the end of a wire. This wire goes to the charger along with the status LED. A replacement can be purchased from Zivan USA. We have replaced one of these on our four GEMs. See my post below on Zivan NG1 charger error codes and the Zivan USA web site.


thanks daniel,i will check that but today its very cold up here in ottawa and i will need to heat the garage to work on it…let you guys know what is the problem that i find verry shortly