Charging issues in high temperatures

Hello, I have a 2000 Gem E825 that is currently having some issues charging. I live in Arizona where we are currently experiencing temperatures over 100 degrees daily. Up until it got hot, my Gem was charging and running great.

Currently, my car isn’t turning on at all. When I insert the key and turn it over there are no “clicks” or audible beeps. The display doesn’t show any #’s, and the horn, lights and wiper do not turn on. It stays in my garage, but the temperatures in there can climb over 90 degrees. I did double check that the kill switch was not engaged.

When I plug in my gem to charge the green light flashes with no beeps. It also doesn’t sound like the converter is running / charging. When I looked that up on the Zivan code list, it states the ambient temperature is too hot to charge. That certainly makes a lot of sense.

Am I needing to shelf my Gem during these extremely hot months or is there another thing I should be checking or doing?

It sounds like you have multiple issues going on here.

  1. Your car not coming on shouldn’t be a temp related issue. It sounds like the charger lockout is active. Did you try this while it was still plugged in?

What are you referring to when you mentioned the kill switch?

  1. Are you sure you charger is having issues? I can’t seem to find the error code you are looking at that says a blinking green LED means overtemp. Verify this with a meter on the batteries. Is it climbing when plugged in?

If not charging, verify if the charger is upset about cooking itself or is it worried about the batteries?

Follow the wires coming out of the Zivan charger (specifically the round DIN plug). See if you can locate the battery temp sensor. It will probably be a wire or two ending in a potted tube or a thing that looks like a battery cable lug. Put an ice cube on it for 30 secs and see it the car will start off a charge cycle. This sensor can be bypassed.

If not, then there might be a sensor in the charger that is having issues.

Suggestion: Does it cool off enough at night to charge the car?

Get a meter on the batteries and make sure the batteries have not dropped too low.

2000? With a zivan charger? Ehhh…

Unless it was a swap down the line , that vehicle didn’t come with a zivan.

If it is a zivan and the fan isn’t coming on, it’s going to need work. Or replacement.

If it’s a Schott charger, it should just be replaced because it’s schott. Hehe

Thank you both for your replies! I am sorry for the delay, had to step away from the office for a few.

The charger not being a Zivan does make some sense. That was my lack of education coming through. Thank you for helping me with that.

I did try to charge it once the sun went down and the temp got cooler. Keep in mind, we are still pushing 100 degree temps even after the sun goes down.

When I first plugged it in to charge the green light flashes fast. Then, after some time the green light still blinks, only much slower. It will stay green for maybe 2 seconds and then go off. When I check under the dash the charging unit fan does turn on when plugged in.

I haven’t checked the voltage of the batteries yet, that is going to be my next step.

If you lift the dash up, the charger is right in the center, under the potato box. It sits to the right of the GE motor controller (next to steering wheel, aluminum box, has orange battery cables and a 30-40 pin connector on top).

Schott will be a bare aluminum charger with ridges. The Zivan is black plastic and says “ZIVAN” on it.

I don’t know the blink codes for the schott. Not sure I have a copy of them either. I can look later.