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Hello EV World. Thank you for the insights and guidance provided in the discussion threads. Invaluable information for newbies like me to get started. Iam bringing a 2002 E825 long bed back to life and have used this resource extensively. I had the girl starting and moving around yesterday after 6 days into it. My configuration has the Delta Quiq charger setup and I upgraded the DC converter to the black box from the PWB.

Question: I have a small led bulb on the top of my instrument panel above the BDI display. I understand this is a primitive attempt to give a charge status on the vehicle between Red Yellow and Green. I have the wires cut from the back with no connections. I have three wires coming off that loom. Can someone guide me to the wiring diagram on where this should connect to what?

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It connects to the charger. Not all chargers have the led driver wired out of the charger. Iirc all quiq chargers have an internal connection.
Does your interlock work? If yes, it has the relay-out, and should have wires for led.

Thank you for your reply . When Installed the new converter that harness came with the relay buzzer and timer. They are installed. Since the wires are cut from the instrument panel what wires should I jump for that display? Thanks

To start off, the new converter update, it’s harness, buzzer and timer have nothing to do with the charging system. Best to leave that stuff alone.

The light on you dash pod is a feature of your old charger. It sounds like that was removed and you upgraded?
Did you do the work?
Depending on what generation of DQ charger that was installed this could an easy thing or a difficult thing.

From what I understand the late/most updated/today DQ chargers have the LED outputs on the 8 pin Deutch connector. If you have one of those this is a good thing.

Early chargers will be more difficult and they don’t have the outputs as an option. Perhaps your upgrade tech knew this and simply cut off the old wires and called it a day.
Maybe he was just lazy. Inwo hinted above ^^^ that it might be possible for a clever person to split the case and tap into the onboard LED drivers and run them out to your existing dash indicator but It is has not been documented here.

So you need to ask yourself… How much is it worth to you to have a little glowy light on your dash?

Hmmm… Only 16 lines…

Thank you. I did the upgrade myself. Point well taken On time and results. Thank you all

If your Gem is plugged in, is it still able to move/drive?

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Dude, I wish I could get that discount at Sizzler. But I’m not that old yet…

Oh, yeah, and what ^ they said.

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On my 2002, I installed a similar 12V LED in the same hole to indicate that master switch is left ON
It is connected to the unswitched 12V output of the Sure Power DC/DC converter
Good reminder

Is that the purple and black pigtails?

When the Gem is plugged in charging i have a beeping sound when i turn the key on.

will it move? Can it drive plugged in? What was the model number on the charger

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Is it a solid beeeee or a pulsing beep beep?
Does it go off when you unplug it and turn the key on?
Are you in Reverse?

I removed the old, unused LED from the previous charger
I installed a 12V LED between RED/GRN wire going to the keyswitch (unswitched +12V) and BLK wire going to Flasher lamp (12V Ground)

Thank you for the prompt response

It is a solid beeeeeeeee… It goes off when i unplug and turn the key on. I am not in Reverse. I am in Neutral

I would say that is your “Cord is plugged in- Don’t drive away” warning. It probably will not even let you.

Does it move when you unplug it, turn the key, and select a direction?
(It should also beep beep when reverse is selected).

Thanks for all the replies. It is working as expected

A separate topic - I have a Warning ECCO 6225 Strobe light on top of my utility cart. I cannot find any reference to how this connects and works. My assumptions are this is somehow connected to the reverse and backup sequence to start strobing when the vehicle starts moving backwards. Right now it is connected as follows: Grounded to the front chassis with the headlight/Horn ground (black wire) and jumped into the headlight harness on the positive. This is not working right now. Before I go about ordering a new part i want to make sure this is connected right and the bulb truly needs to be replaced. Thanks for your guidance.

Are you REALLY sure you want such a thing? Is it required?

It sounds like it was wired to your lights so it would go on when you switched them on.

Most of the others I’ve seen were hooked up to your Ign circuit so it would go on when you switched on your key. These are more service carts used on private property.

Look at your local regs as it may not be permissable to use on the roads. Depending on the origin of your car the seller may have disconnected it for a reason.

Thank you I will disconnect the wires One less thing to suck juice in the car