Headlight Bulb

I just had a headlight lamp go out on me… I have a 2001 E825S, Can anyone tell me the part number / type of lamp and would a Autoparts store have them ? I will pull and bring with me, but if anyone knows more that would be a great help… Thanks to all in this forum for the great Help I have received.


Headlamp halogen capsule: H3 (12 volt, 35 watt) this is actually a fog lamp bulb.

All of you should read this. Danial put a lot of work into this information.


I apologize for not finding that before posting… I thought I looked everywhere.

Thanks again for your help !!!:slight_smile:

What if I can only Find a 55 watt Locally ? Would that cause any problems if I used that in Both Headlights ?