2002 E825 Gem Cart Headlights - Can I replace bulb with a LED/brighter subsitute?

Hi All!

The bulbs in my 2002 E825 are a bit dull and am looking to boost the brightness at night without installing a light bar, etc.

Is it possible to replace the bulbs with an LED equivalent, and if so, which bulbs would be a great substitute.

Thanks, Everyone!

Forget changing the bulb, change out the whole housing for an LED driving / fog light

I had put these in my 2002 - they almost fill the entire hole. You do have to take the brackets off and flip the around and over IIRC .

There actually had a really decent beam and stupid bright out to 35 yards or so. Honestly, I was expecting much less for $25 of Chinesieum.

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Saving grace! Thank you!