Have you heard of the SARTRE project?

The SARTRE project (otherwise known as the Safe Road Trains for the Environment project) is a rather ingenious way in which congestion could be cut dramatically on road transport in the future. This technology is one of many “follow the leader” systems currently under consideration by an array of entrepreneurs which would simply allow a trail of vehicles to “tag onto” a lead vehicle which would effectively take over their controls.

The idea is that this would improve road safety, reduce congestion and the fact that the vehicles are connected by computer means this can be switched off at any time, and those on the trail can pull off to their own destination. It is an interesting concept which is being pushed within Europe and while it has been ongoing since 2009, it is worth noting that it was successfully demonstrated recently on public roads.

If it were possible to introduce the “follow the leader” system with environmentally friendly power such as electricity, there would be many positive aspects to take into consideration. We await news on this particular project with anticipation.

did something happened since then? How is the project going?