Online electric vehicles

Hi all,
I was wondering to have feedback from the community on Online electric vehicles. This technology basically would mean that everytime the EV passes through the lane, it gets charged. It works on the principle of resonant inductive power transfer. KAIST and qualcomm Halo are the pioneers in the technology.

I was hoping on knowing what people think about it and what must we do in order to commercialize this technology?


Inductive charging requires close proximity of the receiver to the source. Efficiency drops off dramatically with distance. IMHO this is a problem that won’t soon be overcome. This is one of those items that is technologically workable but cost prohibitive for a mass application mainly due to losses in the transfer of power, construction costs, maintenance costs, and the inability to meter and charge for usage.

For an interesting read, Look up Nicola Tesla’s experiment in about 1901 where he built a mammoth Generator to broadcast power. It never was completed due to some of the items mentioned.

I agree to it but resonant inductive coupling works with 80% efficiency with a distance till 20cm. If we designed our battery system like that in Tesla S then it makes the technology more achievable. I understand there are many losses but if this technology is implemented for public transit systems with the above mentioned design(they move from point A to point B all throughout the day) it makes more sense because everytime the shuttle stopped at a stop, it would get charged(Assuming they vehicle is 100$ charged in the beginning). This would be a big investment but it would soon help us realise a world where more people drive electric vehicles.

There has to be a reason other than enthusiasm to drive EV’s. Practicality and Economy have to be #1 and #2.

Environmental considerations are often voiced as a positive. However in reality, every vehicle sold to day meets current laws no matter how they are powered.