Electric grid

Newby to the forum with a crazy idea/concept: Has anyone considered creating an electric grid similar to those that power electric buses and trollies downtown, for use by cars? Dual fuel buses don’t need the hi capacity batteries that are holding up electric cars; with a similar grid, battery problems (and recharging) could be greatly reduced. I realize there would be a huge infrastructure requirement, and logistic issues, but the technology must be available already and the cost of vehicle production could be reduced substantially. I could even see a grid system down the interstate and electric-only lanes… drive coast to coast on nearly zero gasoline/diesel/propane.

Is this totally outlandish?

That is a good idea but there are a few problems with that. One, transmitting electricity across long distances without using high voltage will result in huge energy loss (if you use high voltage you are liable to kill someone). Two, It would be hard to change lanes (in can be done though). And finally, it would be expensive.

I don’t know if it is practical to run a long distance grid. However, my home town is funding an electric trolley (grid) to replace the bus system. Which would work because the trolley does not have a huge power loss.