Now full size trucks, vans and SUVs into Electric vehicles

VIA Motors turning big trucks and SUVs into electrics | AutoMinded

Saw these at the Detroit Auto Show NAIAS 2012, and the expected reality is an all encompassing lease including 1 charge per day worth of energy covered for the lease durration, and the net cost being some $300 - $500 less per month for many users! Retail prices would be in the $80,000 Neighborhood, but the Vehicle can get about 40 miles all electric range, before the Generator auto starts and charges up the pack again to full in about 20 - 30 minutes.

This auto re-charge can be modulated - so you can buy cheaper grid electricity as soon as you get home or to the nearest plug, that way yo don’t burn gas to charge more than is required.

Estimated Net Highway Fuel Economy over a long trip is 25 Mpg! For a Suburban, Full Sized Van, or Pickup Truck, these numbers are 2-3X as good as normal!