Eolos Project

Hi folks!

I’ve always been interested on cars. And I don’t know when I started to think about that project, but I could recall memories from 1993 when I was thinking on that idea.

I’d like to build an electric car that needs no recharge stations, one that recharges itself as it runs. I’ve been in contact with many companies and university research groups but none of them has given me a clue about it. I know it’s possible to make one of that kind, so I started to search tools to build it myself. Stumbling upon the net I came across that forum, and here I am.

I hope I can find here the advice and information I need to go on with my idea.


People have been trying to invent the perpetual motion machine for over 3 years now. Keep us updated on your efforts.

Well… I just started on May.

Is there any forum here where to join their progress?

Would suggest you go down the list of forums and check out those that apply. The Technology and DIY forums should contain information that you would be intrested in. The biggest challange in Electric Vehicles is battery thecnology. Check out the Battery section.

The GEM (5) forums might be worth a read because they are the most active that deal with “Real World” operation and everyday problems.

Good Luck


Thank you very much.

A warm welcome to our community Eolos!