The SolarBullet project

There is no doubt that solar power will play a major role in many different transportation systems in years to come and perhaps the SolarBullet project will be the first many. There are plans to create a rail link between Tucson and Phoenix which would effectively be powered by solar panels positioned on canopies up and down the rail track.

Those behind the SolarBullet project believe that the required 110 MW of electricity could be produced by solar energy therefore making this a very efficient, very green and very interesting transport idea for the future. The only downside in the short term is the cost of the proposed Tucson to Phoenix line - a mouthwatering $27 billion!

Sounds like too much money as they have ideal conditions to build in…

The pricing on this seems well out of line with the idea and the location?

solar energy is one of the most widely used alternate energy. we have seen so many pleases where such kind of solar tower has installed… but while conversion we should look up the issues,like cost of solar cells and installation is quite high and we can not been able to use them for a longer period of time.

I was reading the other day that the cost of solar power and solar power equipment is very low in Latin America - there are some huge solar power projects in the pipeline in Mexico and Chile to name just 2 places.

I guess the government should can still trim down the price while waiting for a few more years. The residents will not be happy with such costly project either. The industry for electric vehicles is not that rampant yet. There is not much competition. The price will definitely go lower if there will be more companies that will join the bidding.

In this way we can protect many natural resources and even we can protect our nature and make our environment clean and in this way we make our earth live longer

In many ways our obsession with oil has stopped much of the investment needed in alternative energy sources. I think the oil companies have also had a lot to do with this as they look to protect their own market.

Well good news on this kind of tech, looks like Elon isn’t done with the Hyperloop. Apparently there have been a few strides in that tech. Something like this could be a nice reality shortly. If they were building this system in between the existing roadways, it shouldn’t be too costly as they wont need to go out and purchase new land for any of it.