Not an EV owner at this time, but hope to be in the future. In preparation, a solar system has been installed. Presently, am unable to justify the present elevated prices of an EV which is felt to be unwarranted, especially for a retired low mileage driver. Have seen some recent attempts to bring the price more into line with the actual production cost (Spark EV). Fully believe this trend will continue.:nod::nod:

Hi Kenn

First of all welcome to the forum.

I think your comments regarding the cost of EVs are very accurate although I was wondering if you had considered a leasing arrangement? This seems to be very much the trend at the moment and no doubt, like me, you will have seen some of the great deals on offer.



Hi Mark,

Have been looking very strongly at leasing options. Dealers talk a good talk, but it is not so good when you get down to the dotted line.