Is the Mercedes B-Class EV too expensive?

At a mere £27,000, even after a £5000 government grant for acquiring an EV, the Mercedes B-Class EV will still be £1500 more expensive than the BMW i3. On the surface this would seem to indicate that Mercedes is perhaps not as positive or as confident about the electric vehicle market as some of its […]


For people wanting to drive a Merc price won’t bother them that muuch. It’s an enthusiast thing. If your a BMW lover you will buy BMW , If you like Mercedes you will ***** about the price,(under your breath), and brag about how much better it is than the Beemer.

I just leased a B-Class in the states. the list price of the vehicle was 48,950. The purchased price for the lease was about 33,000. That was $7500 from the Federal Tex incentive and another $8500 from Mercedes. Coupled with an interest rate of less than 1% and it made it virtually no money down, and $330 per month. My wife spends $315 per month in gas in a 7 year old mini van. This was a way to get her in a newer, safer car, and not spend much money. Add to that I can keep the mini van for long haul use with a reduction in maintenance and insurances costs on it. I’m hoping this is a win!

Jupiter, can you share the miles you have at that lease rate? From your gas usuage, it sounds like your wife was driving a lot more than 10k or 12k miles a year. Just curious as I have been looking at lease deals but I require 15,000 miles

I leased for 10K per year. The wife got horrible milage on the mini van (15mpg) and we also used the car a lot as the family car on the weekends since my other cars are coupes and the mini van was more comfortable with the whole family.

We should to fine on the 10k since any long trips have to be in one of the other vehicles.

EV version is always more money.