Grants rims on ebay?

This looks a lot like a @grantwest GEM. My spidey sense is tingling.

LoL that’s my buddy Erastadero. He sells on EBay. He is awesome. I bought my wheels from him as well as Mike bought his wheels from him as well. I have bought like 5 sets of wheels from him All came mounted and balanced and shipped to my door with spaces and lugnuts. “5stars” he is a great guy.

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G convinced me to get them and they are AWESOME on a white Gem . I get a lot of compliments on them . But you have to keep them clean . Requires some work . I am in the process of getting some low dust brake pads so that they will stay cleaner longer . These are 16" version so i could run a thicker tire for a better ride . G runs 17" with skinnier tires .

I was skimming ebay looking to upgrade my rim game. I have 15" Honda rims with too much rubber. I found out recently nobody makes really low profile tires for 15s so I was shopping.

They do have a distinctive look. I like them. White just doesn’t work for my ride though.

What tire would I use to have those fit on my 2002 GEM?

I’m running 205/50/16 They are a tight fit . Also the cart has lithium upgrade so it is lighter and sits higher . Requires some mods to get them in . I would suggest 195/50/16 would be an easier fit .

Somebody needs to make a GEM donk.
30” rims with 1/2 of rubber.
Where the heck is Ludacris when you need him?


My experience with tall rims and low pro tires.
Wife’s BMW have low pros and the car rides like a log wagon. My XT5 has 20" rims with tall rubber but rides like a Caddy. The gem E4 with the 14" stock alloys rode a little smother than my 17s.
30" will not ever work as the car would have to be lifted to an unsafe height


Scoping out my EL the other day.

And my Anvil.

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Imagine doing 45 mph and then a panic stop!


Can you send link to where you buy rims and tires from.
Just bought a 2016 E4. Has 14”. I don’t
like the look.

Want to put maybe 17”
Off set 38 with 1.5” spacers and 2” spacers ?

I thought I seen Mikekc say something like that on his 17”

(562) 843-7513

The wheels are 4x4-1/2 and I can’t tell you what size spacers your gonna need UNTILL you know the exact offset you get. Example 1 wheel may be a 34mm offset and the Next wheel you choose may only come in a 40 Mm offset. Not all wheels come in a standard offset

But call or Text Aerasto and tell him Grant sent you. I have sent him so much business, perhaps one day he will give me a discount :slight_smile:
But seriously his prices are great and the wheels come mounted and balanced to your door be sure to get the tuner lug nuts as well

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Check your tire rotation when you get them. He sent me 3 rotating one way and 1 the other.

Mine are 205/40/17 - 17" wheels 38 offset

You can pick any wheels you want off ebay with a 4x114 bolt pattern and 38 offset

2" spacers on the back - 1.5" on the front and everything fits perfect.

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Hello Big T,
I am also interested in new wheels and tires for my 2018 E4. I have stock 13 inch with hub caps. Are you going to sell the stock 14 inch.
Dave P
Marco Island Florida

Hi Dave P

I have not decided yet on wheels for my Gem. Trying to go with a wider tire. So not sure if I will go with a taller rim. Once I decide I may sell old ones. Not sure the value of the 14”. I know new ones are $$.

Tony B

I cannot tell you what offset will work on a 2016 except for what I have shared. Offset needed is based on the width of the rim/tire and space needed to clear the shocks.
+30 you will need narrower spacers (about 8mm less) - with my tire
+40 you will need wider spacers (about 2mm more) +40 might work with 1.5" on the front and 2" on the back if your tire is the exact same width as mine.

There is a lot of trial and error if you don’t go with a known setup - I think ti took me three sets of spacers to get it correct.

Google “Offset” and start reading, :slight_smile:
Google “Tire Calculator” and start plugging in numbers.

dp2003 . i’m in Naples.