Got started today. Bought a chasis

I’ll try to keep daily updates when I find the time to work on the conversion. So far I have the Siemens/Ford motor bought, and working on upgrading the IGBTs on a 2 horse 3 phase motor controller to bring it up to 90 horse. Im planning on using a rotoflex coupling to couple the motor to a 5 speed manual transmission. Batteries, I may use Optimas, but will need 24 of them. Would like to buy a bunch of prius packs on ebay too.

Anyhow, I’m on day 1. I found the car on craigslist at 8am today, rented a trailer and drove 2 hours to pick it up. The car is a 2001 Passat. It’s an automatic tranny, but I will convert it to manual and use the gear shifter for something creative… I got the car home at 2pm, and in the last 6 hours I got the exhaust removed, the turbo plumbing removed, fluids drained, electrical harness removed, and all engine accessories removed. Basically ready to pull the motor tomorrow morning. I bought the Passat for $1800. Engine is siezed with a spun bearing on the cam shaft

cheers all

Congrats! I’m perusing Craigs list myself. Put up a “Wanted” add yesterday for a small truck and someone emails me today with an old F150 full size truck! Oh well.

I’ll find something soon enough and hopefully at a good price.

Keep us posted and please show photos of progress!