Gem vin number help

I bought this 2002 GEM from a buddy but the VIN sticker on the inside roof is worn off. He can not find a title and I need to get a tag for this. The service manual says the last 6 digits of the VIN can be found stamped on the frame under the driver seat. I found this but only 5 digits were stamped.

Any ideas why only 5 digits stamped instead of 6 and/or anyone have a clever idea on how I can track down a VIN for a 2002 GEM?

I tried recalculating all 17 digits based on what each digit means but no luck.


Don’t buy it until you get the title. Take it from experience. This is essentially a plain old car and it will be useless without that title.
I just noticed you are the one doing all the upgrades and refurbishing recently. Stop all of that until you know you can get the title. The resale value of these is sub 1k when they have no title, but much more with it. Don’t spend yourself into a hole.

Depending on your state you can have a duplicate title sent to him for a small fee, but again, he will have to do it.

This is roughly how you do it in Ohio. YMMV

Our 2002 e825 was manufactured 01/31/02
The VIN is 5ASAG47452F0XXXXX

Based on what I know about VIN, most of that is manufacturer, plant, model, etc with the last digits the exact unit. You might try replacing the xxxxx above with your numbers and do a VIN search to confirm.

Thats a fantastic idea.

seems crazy your buddy has no registration documentation either… the VIN number is on the registration documents.