What year is my Gem Car

I am told because the batteries in my Gem Car E825 have two in the front and four under the age of the cart is 99-04. Is there a way to tell off the vin number?

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The vin sticker in the roof panel tells you the year and date of manufacturer.

For some reason the date of mfgr is faded away. I do see the vin number though. Not sure if the year is so many digits in the vin number b

No number in my vin is the model year.

Try google.
Mine came up here.

Your VIN search found records for the following vehicle:
VIN: 5ASAG47468*******
Make: GEM
Trim: Base

Year: 2008
Model: 825

Or here.

That worked perfect. Thank you

VIN for 1998-2009

positions 1,2,3 is the WMI number assigned by SAE.
5AS… 4 line # A…

5 is Series of car J is short back… K is long back G is passenger

6 is passenger version 2 is two passenger… 4 is fore passenger… 6 is six passenger

7 is Voltage… 3 is 36v… 4 is 48v… 7 is 72v

8 type of restraint… 4 is inertia reel belt

9 is check digit… number generated through mathematic forumla

10 is model year… W1998… X is 1999 … Y is 2000 … 1 is 2001… 2 is 2002 … 3 is 2003 and so on

11 is Plant Number… F is Fargo ND… M is Romorantin France

the last 6 numbers are a secret… I can tell you that somewhere in those numbers is the door size. key and after that I don’t know

hope this makes finding what car you have a little easier… also if you have NOT registered your car with Polaris… please do it… it makes it easy down the road… just contact your or any dealer they can walk you thru it… call my dealer at 888-677-4961 ask for Karen… give her your VIN and she can tell you about your car and if Polaris knows you have it… again please do this


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Inwo… the 8 is your year… the next is the F for Fargo

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