1999? 2000? GEM VIN Question

My model of GEM has the VIN plate on the roof behind the driver’s head. This likely leads to heat (from the sun) and significant damage to the label. I bought this used and there was no title, just a bill of sale. I have no history on the car and no one to ask.

Where else can I find the VIN? Stamped on a frame member? What year is a car manufactured in 8/24/1999?


I’d say you’re right on the day of manufacture. On my 2013 E6 the VIN is stamped on the frame in the rear battery compartment and there is also a VIN plate visible along the bottom of the window frame on the driver’s side (similar to a normal car). Not sure of the VIN locations on the older models but might be similar.

Thanks RS_E6. I’ll take a look in those areas for VIN information.

So this is a 1999 model? Ford, GM, et. al. would likely call it a 2000 model. When I’m sourcing parts, I need the model year.

Mine is a 2013 manufactured 04/18/2013. I’ve searched for some parts in the Polaris GEM catalog under the year 2013 and they split some parts mid year but all are still under the 2013 umbrella. I’m not as familiar with the early model GEMs so I’m not sure if there is much difference between a 1999 versus 2000. I would guess yours would be considered a 1999 model but others should be more familiar with that vintage.

I recall reading GEM ramped up frame production in 2002(?) to build up a stockpile which still qualified for an expiring tax benefit in subsequent years. In that instance I think some model years were skipped and all were referred to as 2002 models.

You know what you can do in tis case, just try to buy a vehicle history, sure they have to have this information
Maybe carfax, but it’s expensive and they no always have the right information
I used Epicvin service a few times and this guys they haave really good quality reports for not a bad price u know…They include too much information in their reports, so don’t be surprised if you will have 10 photos of what you need and even more :laughing:
Try to do it, maybe it will help , also they have a special opton to check it bu liensce plate

The bigger problem is the degradation of the VIN plate text. It is distorted and faded beyond being readable. I can’t read the VIN on the plate, nor do I have any documentation to get the VIN. I was hoping the VIN was stamped or placed elsewhere on the GEM.

Last 5 of the vin are stamped on the frame above the #1 battery (LH side) once you pull the bench seat, you should be able to see them.

I don’t recall if the whole sequence is stamped somewhere else or not. It’s not like they were even trying to hide the last 5. Shouldn’t take too long to poke around with a flashlight and find the rest.

Here’s the VIN pattern off our 2001/02 2 sear e825

Bonus points go to MarkRobins for jump starting this one today!
As well to Dameon for being around and still not have his problem solved.
Is this some sort of record?


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You just complimented a spambot on it’s 4th post of the day… :man_facepalming:

Thanks for that. Maybe I can come up with version of the VIN to use for reference.

I don’t really need the VIN. This GEM rarely goes on the road and even if it did, no one would say anything. Very rural area in Louisiana. I do intend to sell it once I can acquire a Ranger EV. That’s more what I need for my use case.

I thought his response seemed a bit generic. Didn’t make sense in relation to the original post. I figured he just didn’t bother reading my first post.

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Here is a snip from a post dated Dec 2012. It may help in decoding the blur that you have, or generating some sort of new number.


positions 1,2,3 is the WMI number assigned by SAE

postion 4 is the assembly Line Number

position 5 is the Series if Car
J= Short back
K= Longback (includes XD)
G= Passenger Vehicle

position 6 Passenger verison
2= two passenger
4= four passenger
6= six passenger

position 7 is Voltage
3= 36 volt
4= 48 volt
7= 72 volt

position 8 is Type of Restraint
4= inertia reel belt

position 9 is Check Digit
number generated through mathematic formula

position 10 Model year
this was changed in 2010 and I’m not sure how

position 11 is Plant number
F= Fargo. ND
M= Romorantin France

the last six numbers have unknown meaning…
they might relate to color, size of rear window and doors?
Or just manufactured sequence of car?

Th…thhh…thuh… Thank you!

I recall reading somewhere on here that the last sequence was allegedly simply a consecutive number that represented the build order. All things considered with the older ones which were all hand built, I can believe it.

Looking for anything special? I have a really nice 2011 with title.
Roof, windshield, new soft rear window, and winch.
Sell for what I paid. $7500

That seems like a good price for yours. It should sell quick. I was really honing in on the new models as they increased the hp slightly. They also added a couple new features I like.

But maybe you can help me with piece of mind. How has your experience been? Battery life? Range? Power? At 10 years old, are you still on the same battery pack?

Thanks for replying.

If GEM uses the same rules as automobiles, the last six are just production sequence.

I haven’t used this one. I bought it for the snow plow, but putting the plow on my military model EV.
Generally I buy them without batteries, but this one had good batteries in it.

Don’t know if you can program the new models or not, but up to 2014 speed can be set to 35mph easily.

I also have a couple Gem EM-1400 which are basically rear wheel drive rangers. My favorite vehicle by far.