How to get a VIN plate or sticker for my GEM e825 2002?

I would like to know how to obtain a new Vin plate/sticker for my GEM that I have the title and know the VIN.

If you are successful please tell us how you did it. I don’t know any one that has been able to do this. Also apply’s to titles.

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The VIN plate is made by vehicle manufacture. You should have two VIN plates/locations, one is called hidden VIN. The only way to find out where hidden VIN is on your GEM is to find it yourself or contact your state highway petrol. Vehicle manufacture WILL NOT tell you where it is. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration controls and records all VINs. I have made replacement plates before. I would suggest you start with state highway petrol. Not having VIN plate means the GEM may have had VIN plate turned in as scraped vehicle or GEM is stolen, it which case state highway petrol will confiscate GEM.

Most states will let you apply for lost title. If you are original owner, no problem. If you are not original owner, you have to track down original owner and get them to sign title over to you. best place to start is your local DMV or highway petrol. Titles and VIN plates are used to track stolen vehicles, so you must be able to prove you own vehicle. Highway petrol can also help you obtain title and VIN for home built vehicles.

Polaris will not make you a new vin sticker. Give me your vin and I can add the text. Also need a picture of the last 6 digits stamped on your frame above battery one on the frame to verify.


i would like you to make me a vin sticker . how can i get a hold of you

thanks for the info but i do have the title in hand and i’m only missing the original plate on roof because the roof is not on the car . just wanted a new sticker with correct numbers on it . if someone is reproducing them . please let me know .

The catch is you know VIN from title, but hidden VIN plate/sticker must be found to verify VIN on GEM and title match.

Anyone still making replacement VIN stickers for an older GEM car?

I need a vin sticker . I have a letter from Polaris with the full vin. I also have a pic of the last 7 stamped in the frame above the batteries on the rear driver side.

Gems have the VIN # stamped in “2 locations on the chassis” anyone that has any practical sense when it comes to working on them knows where at least 1 is located!!! Both are located in a common Aera. If you still can’t find it pay pal me $100 I’ll walk you threw you to
Find your Vin LOL LOL

Dear naetdogg

Ik buy a gem var in the netherlands
There is missing the vin sticker whit number
Can you fix a sticker white a random vin number please