Title replacement from Polaris?

Seen a post somewhere that you can get a title from Polaris for $50 if you buy a GEM that has no title with it. Anyone know anything about that??

Sounds sketchy man.

First off, vehicle title is issued by the state, not the manufacturer.
Second, this sounds like a great way to re-title stolen or salvage vehicles.

Just not making sense the way it’s layed out. Maybe that’s a replacement VIN sticker or something for $50.

Certificate of origin is probably what you’re looking for. Polaris will issue a certificate of origin to the dealer when new. You take that to register it with the state the first time and then get a title.

There are probably a bunch of gems out there that were never registered. You could go the Certificate of Origin route. If the Vin is legible and wasnt reported stolen, even a lost title isn’t a big deal. Worst case you get a title bond for the value of the car.

I used one of those tag shops in SD to register a gem with a lost title and they got it done for me.

Tampered VIN, you’re screwed. Lost paperwork isn’t a problem

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This may or may not work. I had a COO for my 2016 GEM and it was worthless. The problem was only a dealer can be the first signer of a COO. Then the dealer assigns it to you at the time of sale. Unless you have a dealer willing to fake a sale to you, the COO does not do much good.
This was in MO. by the way,

I thought it did too . Seen it on a GEM owners blog with no details so I thought I would put it out there. I know that a lot of them are used like golf carts and to avoid taxes and fees they just don’t register them. then the title is not transfured and then lost in the process.

@twg1317 is trying the LLC in Montana route for registration. I’m super curious to see how that works.

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Still have to have a title tho I would guess. You Caliguys are just getting out of some taxes ( I ain’t hating) but will still have to have all the documentation.

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Look into a ‘Vermont’ title. “Back in the Day” they used to be a route to acquire a title, even if you don’t live there, but have legally acquired it. Times change and it may no longer be a service they offer. Check.

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Depending on the State you are in, makes all the difference. Some require a Certificate Of Origin, some don’t. Some require a title for registration, some don’t. In Texas, you can get a Bonded Title on most vehicles, but there HAS to be a VIN to verify if it was ever stolen, or totaled b and insurance company and rebuilt or ordered to be destroyed. I’ll have to look at the one I’m working on, but I’m sure the VIN is located in several places, similar to ICE vehicles. Even ATVs have more than one location.
with a Bonded Title here, you need to take the vehicle to the person doing the bond so they can verify the vehicle, and look for the VIN and verify it’s not been tampered with. You pay them a percentage of what the vehicle is valued at. After two years, you can apply and usually get a regular title through the State.
Someone mentioned the Vermont Title. I think there is a YouTube Video on it, and they tell you what steps to go through to get a title. Once you get that title, you have it transferred to the State you live in. This gets a little expensive, but if you want to drive on the street, you’ll likely need to register it.
Wishing you the best, and hope it’s easy enough for you.