Dishonest Gem Car seller Craig’s List version

I thought I would share this with you all. This guy is selling a GEM and is “playing stupid”. I went out to look at it and it has way more damage then he described. (Serious damage) not just the body work stuff you see in the pics. When I pointed the damage out to him he said he was a Pastor of a church and in good conches he could not sell the car to a unsuspecting buyer and that he would update his ad. Well let’s just say that he hasn’t honored his word I decided to post my own version of his ad.

The missing title throws a bit of red flag as well…


I have bought cars with no pink slip it’s no big deal. It’s the entire bent front end, that’s a problem!

Seems like a pain to me. I know of one in Georgia with no title or proof of sale. I want to register it in Ohio so I’m running into a brick wall.

Any tips?

Sorry: what works good here is Ca might not work in your neck of the woods. But here in Ca you can file for a “Lost” pink slip and they can start fresh and you can get it in your name with a bit of hoops to jump threw

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I forgot to mention. I am in Canada. To get a vehicle across the border without papers through US customs for export, not an easy task.


What is the best approach if you want to obtain title when on isn’t present upon purchase??

Dont buy!!!

Get the vin # to contact DMV to see how much $ is required and any back fees. Apply for a “lost pink slip” and get a Bill of sale.

I understand…however, what if you did…any suggestions…(legal) ones

Start by looking up the former owner using the VIN # thru the DMV Iin your state. Contact the owner and get him to get a replacement title.

Good Luck

That’s exactly what I had to do with mine a few days ago. The original owner back in 2005 found my text to be extra weird I bet. :slight_smile:

Looking for the answer also!