Need to get a title for y Gem car

Hi, I purchased a 2009 Gem E4 from someone on EBay in New York, I’m in Massachusetts. Told me he had the title in hand, car was in good working condition with no issues, all of which were lies. My main point here is here it is 6 months later, still no title, open disputes with PayPal, EBay and my credit card company none of which have been resolved at this point. I just want to know if its possible to get a title for this car, and how to go about it? Any advice is welcome, thanks.

You can do a lien against the car and say it is for storage fees.
But if it is stolen, then you lose the vehicle. Have you checked the VIN with DMV and say you are looking at buying it but want to make sure it is clear title and not salvaged title? Good luck, I’m going to Lien mine, but I know mine is clear and where it came from.

I too just bought a 2002 gem from private owner that had no title, said son bought it at an auction with 2 others that were for parts only, he gave this one that i bought and seems to be in good shape and so far runs and charges fine, has new batteries. I know it isn’t stolen, question is how do i get title for this car he had no title for, thank you, mike 28

I used Title King Express in Florida cost me $400. Told me about 30 to 45 days but ended up being about 2 months. I did get it and it’s legit

Thank you so much, i will give them a try, thank you for responding.

I ran into a similar situation with mine.
I ran a CarFax on it and it came back clean and I also ran the vin though to make sure it wasn’t coming up stolen. After fighting with the liar for a month I did more research, found the last owner that had the thing titled and reached out to them. Turns out they had the old title still on hand from back in 2002. They sent it to me and problem solved.
Two months of sleepless nights though.

How did you find the previous owner with the title? DMV ?

No, just absolutely offensive amounts of Googling.
If I recall I think I used the VIN + Carfax + some other online websites to find previous owners.