There are a number of older GEM’s for sale without titles. I n Florida we can get golf cart insurance and really don’t need a title.

(I’m looking at a project cart)

Anybody out there that doesn’t have a title on their GEM? I never had a title on my EZGO’s.

What say you?

My GEM had never been titled. I went through all kinds of hoops with the DMV here in TX. The last thing they sent me out for was a “dealer quote” on the vehicle worth. Yeah, right. I called a local Polaris dealer. They referred me to the Polaris HQ. Since my vehicle had never been titled, and I had a bill of sale along with pictures of the car in my driveway and of the VIN number, they had the local dealer verify and fax that two them. A week later I had an MSO directly from Polaris.

Don’t know if this helps at all, but it saved me a ton (over a bonded title) and wasn’t that hard once I had the lead from the local Polaris dealer.

I passed.

I looked up the vin# and the title was clear but I couldn’t get the owners name or address. Florida DMV wouldn’t help me.

Was a heck of a good opportunity too.

So did rhey issue a mso in your name or was it in the original dealers name?