Need a title for my Gem E4

Hi, I purchased a 2009 Gem E4 from someone on EBay in New York, I’m in Massachusetts. Told me he had the title in hand, car was in good working condition with no issues, all of which were lies. My main point here is here it is 6 months later, still no title, open disputes with PayPal, EBay and my credit card company none of which have been resolved at this point. I just want to know if its possible to get a title for this car, and how to go about it? Any advice is welcome, thanks.

Being in a different state it’s going to be tough. You’ll have to contact NY DMV with the VIN # and see if they can tell you who the owner is. If you know any cops they might be able to run the VIN #. You might have to do a police report if you don’t know anyone…

I was told if I knew someone in NH they could just apply for a title, get it and then sell it back to me on paper, problem solved. Appreciate the input , thank you