Newbie with GEM doubts

I just bought a used GEM, two person model, but have no idea of what year it was built on and several other things. Is it possible to know the year by it’s VIN? In my case it is: 5ASAG27491F013165

The GEM is in reasonable condition and has new batteries, but with an external charger. I intend to go over it cosmetically and a few mechanical details but would love to know a few things:

  1. Where can I get an ignition key switch? Past owner just installed an on/off toggle switch, but I would rather have a key.

  2. Is it possible to get the dashboard control decals? On / OFF, Lights, etc?

  3. Is it possible to get the side decals? I have seen some pictures of GEM with some logo on the side, E825 or similar, at the bottom towards the rear wheel.

  4. Same question for the two “twin kidneys” in the front. Where can I get the decals?

  5. I need an interior mirror. It currently has one glued to the windshield but there are three small holes in the top which I assume were for the original miror.

  6. When driving, the speedometer changes quickly and says something like 055 or similar.

Thanks for any help,

You should be able to buy all the stuff you need from GEM: they’re a good-sized company with a good dealer network, so buying spare parts shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you prefer, you should be able to source everything from other companies as well. You can buy key-based switches from companies like Radio Shack. Do a quick Google search for ‘KEY SWITCH’ and you’ll find plenty of options for not a lot of cash. The switch itself simply replaces the toggle switch. Simple!

The same with mirrors: you can buy mirrors from pretty much any auto parts store.

As for decals, if you prefer you could always design your own and get them printed. It’s worth shopping around for prices if you want your own custom designs because they can range from $30 to $150 for decals to cover the whole vehicle. Do a Google search for ‘VINYL CAR DECALS’ to see what is available.

The year of the vehicle is in the VIN - 10th digit.
By the way - this vehicle is under a factory RECALL! Call 866.764.0616
For good replacement parts go to or NEV Service This is where you can get factory parts, switches, decals etc. A ‘simple’ key switch probably is not the same cylinder and may not fit the GEM’s Instrument Panel. I would recommend go factory! Decals could be customed if you wanted. The 3 holes above the windshield are for the factory mirror. The ‘055’ probably indicates battery power. When the key is On the car will flash between battery power percentage and speed. If sitting idle will display ‘055’ and ‘000’ probably.

Six years and one reply? Not looking good for a new owner :frowning:

Which decal? The charging plug cover decal, the grille decals, or the GEM Globe decal?
I have all the artwork and some for sale on ebay.

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New Hard Doors Decals
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