Looking for parts

I have a friend who just bought a GEM car… it was off CL and ‘sold as in perfect shape for it’s age’ … the age was misrepresented as well… he needs a few things… can you help… know you may have an extra laying around or upgraded or know of someone parting out a car and have the part…

hood latch

wiper motor and arm

rear window covering or window

ignition as they owner must have misplaced the key one day and installed a toggle switch…

maybe you want to add items to this thread as well that you are looking for


Here is some help with parts:

The hood latch is Southco C7-10. Complete documentation exists on their site. These sell for under $15 on Amazon.

I have never researched the wiper motor and arm.

I have had several rear window coverings repaired and replaced by a local marine canvas and vinyl shop. Replacement windows and coverings are also sold by NEV Accessories.

A much more affordable ignition switch is NAPA KS6040 or KS6115 in their Echlin brand. These sell about $15.


Please check the thread above for many other alternative parts.


thanks Daniel… have found most of what he needs… have found some guys who part out cars… I’m looking for a short bed… just the bed… saw a couple on CL a while back… didn’t need one then


EDIT: I was going to tell you about the GEM car photos group on Facebook. But then I put two and two together and realized that you are the top poster of that group. And you had already posted there about looking for a bed!!

Woops. Sorry about that Bob! But hey, it’s worth mentioning here for others that might read this a year from now. :wink:

thanks Steve for posting the GEM car Photo link… think it’s a good place to post photos of cars… members as well as the fun ones that pop up on facebook as well as some that I find on Craigslist for the people who don’t have a GEM car or might be looking for a second or third… this is another group for the GEM car owners https://www.facebook.com/groups/GEMthevillagesflorida/ … not restricted to FL