GEM Throttle Pedal repair available

Throttle repair now available, 45 day Warranty.

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I can have my gogo stick touched by Rodney?


Have you found a source for parts or rob them from a similar new automotive pedal?

No. Went another route.

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Ship to me with return shipper. 3 day turnaround.

I might need it done on my '10eL. I have to get time to debug, see if the occasional error (45 iirc) is the pedal or a programming thing.

What is the cost?

You ship to me with a return shipper.If it’s repairable i fix and return with in 3 days. No charge if I cant repair. Requirements Under 5000 miles - never been submerged - never been opened. At this point in time $125. 45 day money back warranty.


Sure no problem

Diehl Engineering
2400 Baywater road

251 269 3182

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No email reply from you. Check your spam.
@JarJarJava not in the refrigerator!

@AssyRequired Check you junk box for anything throttle. Somewhere was new guts for one and a troublesome internal micro-switch sample. You may have given it away by now.
Rodney wants to run with this, but plenty business for all if you are still “in”.

I’m sending a Saturn, electronic switch spoof, and an led tester.
Spooif device has never been on a Gem and maybe 75% that it works at all. 50% that it will be useful long term.
The led tester is nice. Feel free to copy it. It takes a while to source parts and put it together, but I may part with it if you kiss up to me properly. :slight_smile:

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send to


I need failed pedals 5000 MILES OR LESS NEVER OPENED!!!

At this point in time switch is a slam dunk. The main criteria is full throttle resistance. If off, top speed is drastically reduced.

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