GEM insurtance?. .NOT from AAA

I live in Utah, and just bought an '02 GEM. My AAA insurance will NOT cover a GEM here, even though it will in Arizona. Wierd, eh. .especially since I only want liability? How much harm can a little thing like that do at full speed of 28.4 MPH?

Guess I’'ll be finding a new company for ALL my car insurance.


I have liability insurance for my GEM car through a company called Foremost. My insurance agent at AAA is able to write the policy for me, but it is an additional policy for me since Metlife won’t cover the GEM either. I think the yearly insurance cost through Foremost is only $80 or so. Might be worth a look!

Finally got affordable liability on our GEM, but it took Hartford over three months to issue us a policy. .and that only after a lot of nagging . . .both directly and through AARP.

Turns out that “Global Electric Motors” was NOT an acceptable vehicle for them to cover, but, when they FINALLY took our word that it’s a Chrysler, things happened pretty quickly.

Should go easier on anybody else trying to get coverage for a GEM, now that we’ve endured the ordeal of making them recognize GEMs as “real”.

We also switched the insurance on our other cars to Hartford, as it’s about half of what we were paying at AAA (who do NOT insure GEMS in Utah)

It is $103 per year for liability on the GEM

I had no problems insuring with Farmers.

I’ll bet you don’t live in Utah

No, I suppose it is different everywhere.